Joy Desiree' (gerardomacphail) wrote in astoundingcunt,
Joy Desiree'

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and this is the beginning

"Because to me, despite this comm. having 'lesbian' listed as one of their interests on the info page, seems very hetero-centric. All I ever see on my friends page are women talking about birth control, sexual problems with men, and pregnancy (from being with a guy). All of three of which I have no interest in or basis for relating."

and so we have. astounding cunts for astounding ladies.
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Thanks for putting this together! I was getting a bit tired of wading through entries elsewhere that (while helpful to others) did not have much significance for me directly.
:) i have so much i want to post in here. but im waiting to see if anyone is going to join!

If only I knew more lesbians on LJ, I would advertise ;)
Are bisexuals welcome here?
*raises hand*

Dyke here. Waiting for the good conversation to commence.
I have left that 'said community' not because of anything they did, but I happened to post a comment in another journal that had something do do with women not needing men to have babies some day, and I noticed that two OBVIOUS men, basically took my comment and proceeded to speak very threatening to me.
Needless to say, I have left. Now, here I am. I am excited to see how this community pans out! :) thanks!
Hi, good to see this page up at least. Let us hope it goes where we want it to.
Sign me up :)
After all, my motto has always been "Woohoo Vagina!" *L*